Rand Paul Confronts FBI Director Wray About the FBI Meeting with Social Media Companies

‘Is the FBI still meeting with social media companies?’
By Grabien Staff


PAUL: "Director Wray, same question: Is the FBI still meeting with social media companies?"
WRAY: "We're having some interaction with social media companies, but all of those interactions have changed fundamentally in the wake of the court’s rulings."
PAUL: "That's sort of an acknowledgment that perhaps you weren’t just talking about national security, child pornography and human trafficking, right? You had other areas of discussion that did involve constitutionally protected speech."
WRAY: "No, no. That’s not an acknowledgement of that."
PAUL: "Then how did you change your behavior?"
WRAY: "Out of an abundance of caution in order to make sure that we don’t run afoul of any court ruling. I would say, by the way, of course, that the injunction has been stayed by the Supreme Court."

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