Rand Paul: I Will Force a Vote on a Bill to Get Rid of Masks on Airplanes in the Next Two Weeks

‘It’s only theater’
By Grabien Staff


PAUL: "The interesting thing is that Democratic governors are finally giving up on some of this stuff. Even D.C., the most Democrat city in the entire country, the mayor put on vaccine passports two weeks ago, put business, put restaurants out of business. Well, she has already relinquished it and she's getting rid of it. The mask mandate is getting ready to go away. I have a bill that I will force a vote on in the next two weeks on getting rid of the masks on airplanes. It's only theater. You can take them off for 15 minutes and breathe air, which then is recirculated to everybody else. People are wearing cloth masks, which don't work. How many people are wearing an N95? Probably 75 percent of the people are wearing cloth because the other ones hurt. And the thing is, is I think ultimately the Democrats are going to wake up one day and say, 'My goodness, everyone hates us now because we're the nanny state.' And so, it's happening and it's happening in a big way, and some of the Democrats are finally waking up. The science isn't changing, but the polls sure are."  

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