Rep. Al Green: Virginia’s Blackface Incidents Highlight ‘Imperative to Impeach’ Trump

‘There is a committee that can convene to deal with bigotry emanating from the presidency’


GREEN: “We have to take a stand, and I stand today to say that we cannot allow this incident to go unchecked because what will we do next when there is a Nazi standing in a photograph and there’s a noose in a photograph, there are swastikas? This is going to continue. It doesn't end with Virginia. This is one symptom and we have to do what we have always done. It has been our policy. When this level of bigotry surfaces, when it shows its ugly head, we take it on. There is a means by which we can deal with bigotry in policy. But if we allow political expediency, the belief that we ought to defeat a bigoted president, political expediency to trump the moral imperative, to remove him from office, the moral imperative to impeach bigotry emanating in policy from the presidency, we have a moral imperative to do so, and we can do so.”

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