Rep. Clay Higgins Grills ACLU Lawyer About 85,000 Children Lost by the Biden Admin

‘What does the ACLU feel about the 85,000 missing children?’
By Grabien Staff


HIGGINS: "These 85,000 missing children, what’s your opinion about that? How does the ACLU feel about 85,000 missing children?"
GELERNT: "So — "
HIGGINS: "Think their civil rights might be being violated?"
GELERNT: "Our view is that those children are not likely missing, that the sponsors don’t simply answer the phone -- "
HIGGINS: "Yeah, the sponsors are not real. You know that, right? It's a racket. It’s a sponsor racket. That's why they're not answering the phone. It's why you can’t find who they are. The vast, large percentage of these sponsors, these kids are getting sucked into sex trafficking primarily, human slavery. The policies of this administration are supporting that. We’re partnering with the cartels, with human trafficking. By God, I hope — I have many attorneys in my family, I was the one that ended up to be an army grunt and a street cop, but I would hope that the ACLU would take a serious look at exactly what kind of cases the ACLU is taking up.” 

(Via Breitbart)

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