Rep. Garamendi: ‘It May Very Well Be that There Is Appropriate Action for Impeachment’ in the Fall

‘Is this president willing to protect America? The answer thus far is no, he is not’
By Grabien Staff

TUR: "And you have a lot of questions about what the Russians are able to get away as with as much as they have gotten away with and why the president himself is not himself tough on Russia. Should the Democrats who run in 2018 on a ticket of impeaching Donald Trump with a platform of impeaching Donald Trump?"
GARAMENDI: "We'll see where we are in September. It may very well be that there is appropriate action for impeachment. But if he is unwilling unwilling to make it clear that you shall not and will not and cannot hack into the united States critical infrastructure, putting millions of Americans at physical risk, then he should be impeached."

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