Rep. Ivey: Not Allowing Biological Males To Compete in Female Sports ‘Is a Message of Rejection’ for Trans Kids

‘It is hurtful to them’
By Grabien Staff


IVEY: “So, even if you care about women’s sports and even if you’re trying to protect women, I'm not questioning your honesty or your position on that, but I do think we should also consider the kids on the other side of this, the kids who are seeing — the transgender kids who are seeing this debate, and not just this one, but debates across the country at state level, on TV and the like, and to them this is a message of rejection and exclusion. It’s hurtful to them. I’ve got six kids, none of them are transgender, so I don’t have any personal experience with this, but, you know, I do hope that we can try and be more considerate of their concerns and their needs as well. Try and balance this out. You know, if you’re worried about women’s sports, I take you at your word, although I think women’s sports is doing better now in the United States than it ever has been. I think it will continue to be so."

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