Rep. Gutierrez on Building a Wall in Exchange for Legalizing DACA: ‘Sure, Let’s Do It’

‘I will go down there with bricks and mortar and begin the wall’
By Grabien Staff


BALDWIN: "We have on a couple of hours’ sleep, this this is congressman Carlos Gutierrez, the congressman from Illinois and head of the Hispanic caucus, and it has been a blur for you, but help me understand from your perspective of the Democrat, that the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer went to talk to the White House, and talk about this wall, and some that vehemently oppose, but would you want to build a wall to protect the immigrants."
GUTIERREZ: "I think it is terrible to build a wall of stupidity, but if that is what it takes to live freely and openly in America, them I will roll up my sleeves, and I will go down there with bricks and mortar and begin the wall. Because, you know, a brick for lives, okay. Let’s do it. And let me just say that wall is offensive to me. It is insulting to me, and people like me that have come to this country. But, you know, so people of my generation will do what we have to do, because that what we do for younger people. That is what we do. That is what we do."

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