Rep. Steny Hoyer: ‘Making Vaccines Free’ Will Bring Down Inflation

‘So what we’re doing is with this bill is we are bringing some of the most significant costs to Americans down’
By Grabien Staff


HOYER: "Well, specifically, health care costs are a significant cost to the American consumer. And this unarguably is going to bring down costs of health care for people. Some in the short term, as I just said will maintain the subsidies that we give so that people’s insurance rates will not go up from their standpoint in terms of the cost that they have to incur. Making vaccines free will bring down cost. We’ve passed other pieces of legislation like the food and fuel legislation to try bring down — make sure that prices aren’t — price gouging does not occur in terms of gasoline prices. We've seen gasoline prices come down over $1 since that legislation. Now, whether that legislation caused it or not is problematic and questionable, obviously, but the — we want to bring the food supply chain back. So, what we’re doing is, with this bill, is we are bringing some of the most significant costs to Americans down, and we’re bringing them down in many respects now so that I think it’s appropriate to call it Inflationary Reduction Act because one of the biggest — "
HARLOW: "You do?"
HOYER: " — inflations has been in drug prices. Sure."

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