Rep. Waters on Trump Mocking Her for Always Demanding Impeachment: He’s ‘Racist,’ Should Be Impeached

‘This president needs to be impeached
By Grabien Staff


WATERS: "Well, you know, this president has been called stupid, he has been called ignorant, and even his secretary of state did not deny that he called him a Moran. And so he has no credibility. He has been name calling, he’s been saying all kinds of things. And I certainly expected him to come out with some racist remarks about me. So he did exactly what I expected him do. And, by the way, I’m told he wasn’t funny at all."
REID: "You know, in addition to that, patently also, you represent a district in the great state of California, and he reported lid also said that Nancy Pelosi is trying to do to come a line as good as lock her up and her line that she announced last week is Moe the grass, Moe the freaking grass, that isn’t going to stop ms-13. Moe that freaking grass. That sounds like an aspersion or a lap at immigrants, at Mexican Americans, at least that’s how I’m reading it. How do you read it?"
WATERS: "Well, you know, the hearing say little bit difficult. I’m hearing Selma where we have come to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther king’s death and to March across the bridge with John Lewis and those who were the victims of bloody Sunday. I don’t know exactly what you were explaining that he said about Nancy Pelosi or California. But let me just repeat, I have never in my entire career seen a president talked about the way this president is talked about. He’s called a liar by everybody. As a matter of fact, it has been documented that he told over 2,000 lies in the one year that he’s been president. In addition to that, I just talked about how his staff talks about him behind his back. And even his appointees to his cabinet spot whether he’s disparaging Nancy Pelosi or max seen waters or the state of California, it is time for the Republicans to stand up and take the responsibility for protecting this country and be on point to get rid of this president. This president needs to be impeached. It is absolutely clear to me and it will be proven that he has concluded with Russia and he’s obstructed justice before our very eyes. So he can’t be funny, nobody really thinks very much of him. This is a president that has no respect and so we don’t really care what he says, the most important thing this country can do now is impeach this president and make sure we get rid of him and get ready for pence in 2020 and make sure that we are going to vote us in. Someone that we can respect, someone that’s deserving of the presidency and the White House. Because this president certainly is not. And I’m not going to stop calling for his impeachment. I’m going to keep on doing it in every speech that I give because I believe in it and I believe that America deserves better. He has no values, no good values. This man’s character is one that we cannot endure any longer. And so I hope that gets to what you were trying to ask me, even though I have not heard you very clearly, thank you for giving me the opportunity to repeat over and over again what I’ve said constantly about him."

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