Richard Haass Pans Trump’s SOTU: No Mention of Russia, Climate Change

‘Talked about beautiful clean coal but not climate change’
By Grabien Staff


HAASS: "It took about an hour into the speech to get to foreign policy which in and of itself is a statement what a low priority it has become. Singling out, interesting, North Korea and Iran for repressing their people, no mention of Russia given what’s going on in the last couple of days on the streets. no mention of Turkey or the Philippines. This selective principle doesn’t wash. No mention of Europe and no mention of climate change. He talked about beautiful, clean coal, but not climate change. This was very much again a narrow speech about the issues he wanted to touch on, but no sense of America’s role in the world, its leadership in the world. Very similar in that sense to the Davos speech. Very little that’s positive, but rather just pointing out a couple of the issues to give us pause."

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