Richard Painter: Trump’s ‘Psychologically Deranged,’ He Needs To Be Removed Under The 25th Amendment If He’s Not Impeached

‘Trump needs to resign or be impeached immediately’
By Grabien Staff


REID: "That latter part of course referring to Roy Moore. Are you of the opinion that if Al Franken was forced to step down in part because of women saying that he has to go, if he has to go then President Trump ought to face consequences." 
PAINTER: "President Trump needs to resign or be impeached immediately. On this issue I disagree with senator Gillibrand and other who is called for senator Franken to resign. We needed due process, we needed to find out what happened. We needed to find out the Roger Stone connection, the Fox connection. There are a lot of things that are suspicious about what happened with Al Franken. I don’t think the party bosses should be throwing out a senator. I think it’s proper to handle these type of allegations through an investigation where we find out the facts. But I have to say that even though I disagree with Senator Gillibrand on that and I strongly disagree with her about Bill Clinton, I think the American people made that very clear in retaliating against the Republicans in the 1998 allegations. I think it’s disgusting that the president of the United States refers to a senator as a whore on Twitter and another senator referred to as Pocahontas. He is psychologically deranged and they seriously need to think about removing him under the 25th amendment of the Constitution if they don’t choose to impeach him."

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