Rishi Sunak in 2021: ‘We Want To Rewire the Entire Global Financial System for Net Zero’

‘We’ve already made it mandatory for bushiness to disclose climate related financial information’


‎SUNAK: “The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero has now brought together financial organizations with assets worth over $130 trillion of capital to be deployed. This is a historic wall of capital for the net zero transition around the world. What matters now is action, to invest that capital in our low carbon future. ‎To do that, investors need to have as much clarity and confidence in the climate impact of their investments as they do in the traditional financial metrics of profit and loss. So our third action is to rewire the entire global financial system for Net Zero. ‎Better and more consistent climate data. ‎Sovereign green bonds. ‎Mandatory sustainability disclosures. ‎Proper climate risk surveillance. Stronger global reporting standards. All things we need to deliver and I’m proud that the U.K. is playing its part. ‎We’ve already made it mandatory for businesses to disclose climate-related financial information, with 35 other countries signing up to do the same.”


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