RNC Chair: Google Is Refusing to Deliver 100 Percent of Our GOTV, Fundraising Emails

‘We need to find a way to keep Big Tech’s thumb off the scale in our elections’


MCDANIEL: "Yeah, so we spent the day on the phone with attorneys yesterday. We are very seriously looking at how we can sue Google. Google controls 53 percent of the emails in the United States, and they are suppressing right now Republican get out the vote emails ahead of this election. We know this for the past 10 months. The last four days of every month, all of our emails, go undeliverable. Zero percent deliverability. This is outrageous. It is voter suppression by big tech. And we have to find a way to hold them accountable. The RNC is looking to sue. We're hoping to have an announcement soon on that. But this is another reason why we need Republicans to take back the House and the Senate because we need to find a way to keep big tech's thumb off the scale and our elections and our democracy, because they should not be able to suppress emails that we're sending to people who asked for us to send these emails.”

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