Ron DeSantis: ‘I Can Serve Two Terms,’ Donald Trump Would Be a ‘Lame Duck’ on Day One

‘I don’t have issues that are going to distract me’
By Grabien Staff


DESANTIS: “Well, I think we are in the process of doing that in these early states. I mean, I think a few things. One, I’m more likely to actually get elected, which you see with me winning Florida by 20 points. He was not able to do that. Number two, I can serve two terms. He’d be a lame duck on day one. Number three, he’s not going to be able to recruit really strong personnel to fill the administration. I’d have hundreds of people that would be willing to come to Washington to help turn the screws on D.C. swamp and to get this bureaucracy in line. Four, I’ll be focused your issues. I don’t have issues that are going to distract me. My sole focus will be on this century, reversing America’s decline. Five, I’m the only one running, Donald Trump or others. Everything I promise my voters I would do, I delivered on 100 percent of the promises. Donald Trump, of course, can’t say that.”

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