Rudy Giuliani: Democrats Cut Off the Vote then Started to Bring in False Votes

‘The key fraud is the mail-in-ballot, that was the backup in case they fell too far behind’


GIULIANI: "The key fraud is the mail-in ballot. That was the backup in case they fell too far behind. That’s why they cut off the vote at midnight, 1:00 o’clock, when President Trump was getting too far ahead, particularly in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in Wisconsin, and also in, uh, Pennsylvania. So they cut off the vote, he was getting up to 800,000 in Pennsylvania, 300,000 in Michigan, he was even further ahead in Wisconsin. They cut off the vote. They turned things off, they chased everybody out, and then — it’s not your concern except for the fact that you got to look at this somewhat in total. They started bringing in false ballots. We have three witnesses to 100,000 of those ballots being brought in at 4:30 in the morning in Detroit, with no Republicans around that they knew of. Luckily we had two that stayed behind, and a Dominion employee who was willing to be honest. Not all of them are honest."

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