Sally Kohn Rips Sanders’ Sexual Harassment Excuse: ‘As a One-Time Bernie Sanders Supporter, I’m Mortified and Embarrassed’

‘That was one of the worst apologies, excuses, I’ve ever heard’


KOHN: “There’s like no way to sugarcoat this. That was one of the worst apologies and excuses I’ve ever heard. Honestly, as a one-time Bernie Sanders supporter, I’m mortified and embarrassed. First of all, anyone who has gone through rudimentary therapy knows that the way to apologize is not to say, 'I’m sorry if you felt that maybe —' Like, there’s that part of it. But also, if you’re going to be a leader, you’re accountable for the entire supply chain of your operation. Certainly if you want to be president, you’re held accountable for everything that’s happening in the vastness of the federal government. Well, then you’re going to easily be held accountable for what’s happening in your campaign. This just goes to this ongoing lack of accountability that frankly is what tarnished his campaign when it came to not only sexual harassment inside but also the sort of Bernie bro culture on the outside. It’s sad.”

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