Sara Carter: The More We See, the More We Realize How Far the Obama Administration Went with Spying on Trump

‘They violated everything in the book’


CARTER: "That's right. I mean, I think, Baker right now realizes he is in jeopardy as well. That he was part of this process. He even admits to the fact that it was he that oversaw a lot of this, the FISA applications that went before the foreign intelligence surveillance court. And it’s also Baker that's under investigation now. Remember, Baker, and I think I was the first to report that nearly two years ago, that Baker is actually under investigation for leaks. So we have a number of high-level senior officials at the FBI under investigation right now for their failure to adhere to the law. What Sydney says is absolutely true. They violated everything in the book. But Jason, it goes far beyond this. What we are seeing now is just the tip of an iceberg. Remember, the iceberg below the water is much larger. And I think that's the reason they're fighting back so hard. So when we see them on these tours, when we see them gaslighting the public, when we see them pooh-poohing, like what they did is nothing more than well, we put a siren in the footnote, we let the courts know. They didn’t. They withheld exculpatory evidence, and I think the more we see, the more we will realize how far members of the Obama Administration went, not only with the surveillance, but far beyond the Trump campaign."

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