Scarborough, Brzezinski: Trump’s Baseball Tweet Was a Coded Message to ‘White Nationalists’

‘The system will hold’
By Grabien Staff


BRZEZINSKI: “His refusal to call his predecessors after bombs were sent to them, his rallies, his Twitter attacks, blaming the media and amazingly continuing to provoke and churn up hatred against those who are targets of his bombs.”
SCARBOROUGH: "It’s unbelievable. It really is."
BRZEZINSKI: "His engaging in petulant punditry instead of unifying the country. Complaining that the latest horrible news interrupted Republican momentum in the midterms. Really? He’s tweeting about baseball, bullpen strategy the very same day of the synagogue slaughter, as if to send a message, as you said, Joe, to his adoring white nationalist fans that the murdering of these worshipers was not even a concern. That’s the message it sends, to be clear."

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