Scarborough to Republicans: Be the Anti-Trump Candidate in the Fall

‘That’s what Republican candidates in the age of Trump should be saying’
By Grabien Staff


SCARBOROUGH: "And I say this to Republicans who are running in the fall, be the anti-Trump candidate, say, 'Yes, I'm conservative. I agree with the tax cuts, I agree with the regulatory reform. I’m glad we pushed back on ISIS, but let me tell you something, I really respect my Democratic opponent. And you know what? She may think differently than I do on school choice, she may think differently than I do on abortion, maybe she looks at how we tackle the federal budget differently than I do, but she loves America every bit as much as me and she wants to take this country to a better place. She just has a different way of getting us there. And you know what? I say this with all the respect in the world. I think her way is wrong and I actually think it will hurt this country. That’s why I need your vote.' That’s what Republican candidates in the age of Trump should be saying and it gives voters a free pass to say, 'Wait a second, this guy is conservative, he will vote with the President on conservative issues but he’s not going to go up there and embarrass us like Donald Trump is embarrassing us.' That is the ticket in 2016. Civility still counts. Maybe not to Donald Trump and maybe not when he's campaigning, but in campaign races like this you cannot close your campaign by saying, as Rick Saccone did last night, that people who aren’t voting for you don’t love God and don’t love the country."

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