Schiff: ‘We Don’t Want a Justice of the Supreme Court Who’s Tainted’ by ‘Attempted Rape’

‘We need to figure this out up front’
By Grabien Staff


SCHIFF: "I think what Senator Whitehouse is saying is that we need to figure this out up front. We don’t want a justice of the Supreme Court who is tainted by the question did this justice commit attempted rape. If we can resolve that before he gets a lifetime appointment that’s what we ought to do. And I think what Republicans are setting up right now is number one, they hope that Dr. Ford doesn’t show up at all. That’s the best case for them. Next to that they hope they can present just a he said/she said so they can argue to their supporters back home we believe Kavanaugh. But no one can really know but we’re giving him the benefit of the doubt. The reality is they don’t want to look into it. They don’t want to know anything apart from the two accounts of these two witnesses when there are a great many people who could shed light on, this who can corroborate what Dr. Ford has said. I think — "

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