Sen. Bennet: McConnell Is the Most Malevolent and Cynical Person in Washington

‘Washington will not fix itself’
By Grabien Staff


BENNET: "Look, I want to be very clear about this, and everybody needs to understand this. We were broken before Donald Trump arrived. That's one of the reasons he was sent there. And they didn’t let Barack Obama get anything done in the legislature and Congress for the last six years he was there. We have to fix that problem. And I would never say that we should be as malevolent or as cynical as Mitch McConnell is. He is the most malevolent and cynical person in Washington, but we do need to be as strategic as he is. Washington will not fix itself. Mitch McConnell will not fix himself. It is something that the country is going to have to come together in a unified way to overcome a broken Washington. And if that sounds hard to do, it's no harder than the work that generations of other Americans have done, to try to perfect the democracy that we're living in. As you said the other day, it's totally true. What we are about is trying. And that's what we have to keep doing. We have no right to expect it will be easy. It's never been easy."

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