Sen. Cotton on Biden Rearming the Enemy: Both Biden and Obama Have an Ideological Commitment to Elevate Iran

‘To atone what they think is America’s sins against Iran’
By Grabien Staff


COTTON: "What’s what Joe Biden has done what baraka in a Biden have done from us 11 years now is abject appeasement of Iran. It’s not because they’re foolish or naïve or inexperienced. It’s their ideological commitment to elevate Iran. To atone what they think America’s sins against Iran the nuclear deal was just part of that. The relaxing of sanctions is another big part of it. Barack Obama gave Iran hundreds of billions of dollars worth of sanctions relief. And since Joe Biden took office he has given them tens of billions of dollars of sanctions relief. Not just the 6 billion-dollar ransom for hostages that he paid last month but by not vigorously enforcing sanctions on oil exports for instance. And of course this money has helped fuel Iran’s campaign of terror throughout the Middle East. Supporting Hamas. Supporting Hezbollah. Targeting Americans for the atrocity that Hamas perpetrated on October 7 was not just the worst slaughter of Jews in the concentration camps of World War II. Also killed 30 Americans. When the worst terror attacks against America since 911. Iran was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of troops. In Iraq and Afghanistan. The secretary of defense admitted to me under questioning earlier this year that Iran and its proxies have attacked Americans in the Middle East more than 80 times since Joe Biden’s took office we have only responded four times. So of course Joe Biden, just like Barack Obama have engaged in 11 years of abject appeasement. Always conciliate Iran giving them one-sided concession. This is a regime that hates America and hates Israel wants to destroy both of us. So they have seen that not as an opportunity to try to become a normal nation which they do not want to be but as a sign of American weakness. And unfortunately the notes they are already starting here out of Democrats and Joe Biden suggest more weakness to come."

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