Sen. Cruz Goes Atomic on AG Garland for Ignoring Threats Against SCOTUS Justices: ‘Why Are You Unwilling To Say No’

‘You’re not willing to answer a question’
By Grabien Staff


CRUZ: “Has the Department of Justice brought even a single case under the statute? So yes, no question. It's not a give a speech on the other things you did.”
GARLAND: “The job of the United States Marshals is to defend the lives of the --”
CRUZ: “So the answer is no.”
GARLAND: “-- is to defend the lives of the justices, and that's our number one priority. They have --”
CRUZ: “Why are unwilling to say no? The answer is no. You know, it's no, I know it's no, everyone in this -- in this hearing room knows it's no. You're not willing to answer a question.”


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