Sen. Kennedy: If You Want to Hide Something from DA Alvin Bragg, You Put It in a Law Book

‘He is bringing a felony trial but he hasn’t proved the felony’
By Grabien Staff


KENNEDY: "Well, this trial, I think, says more about our politics than it does about alleged crime. Mr. Bragg, I don’t know him either, my observation is that if you want to hide something from him, you put it in a law book. He’s bringing a felony criminal trial, but he hasn’t proved a felony. Here's why. I think most fair-minded Americans look at President Biden and they say, well, he’s old, his vice president’s weak, his policies suck, his family has corruption problems, and he’s losing the election. So he has decided to throw deep, as the vice president might say, kick down the effing door, and prosecute his opponent."

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