Shellenberger on Censorship: ‘It’s Not a Slippery Slope; It’s an Immediate Leap into a Terrifying Mechanism that We Only See in Totalitarian Societies’

‘We’ve seen this censorship industry go from “well, we’re just fighting ISIS” to “well we’re just fighting Russian disinformation bots” to “well now we need to fight domestic misinformation”’
By Grabien Staff


SHELLENBERGER: "Seeing this censorship industry go from, well, we're just fighting ISIS to well, we're just fighting Russian disinformation bots to well, now we need to fight domestic misinformation, which is just saying we need to fight against people who are saying things we disagree with online, that's all that means. And I -- I mean, it's not a slippery slope. It's an immediate leap into a terrifying mechanism that I -- we only see in totalitarian societies of attempting to gain control over what the social media platforms are allow -- are allowing.”


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