Stephen A. Smith: ‘The Only Thing that Should Be Equal Is Opportunities, But What You Receive from Your Level of Production Is on You’

‘And so when you have folks walking around like everybody is supposed to be the same, that’s nonsense’
By Grabien Staff


SMITH: “Jimmy Johnson, the former coach of the Dallas Cowboys said it best, 'I will be very consistent in my inconsistencies. Those who produce will be treated better than those who don't.' And I appreciated his candor. Whether you like it or don't, that's the reality. And I think that the sooner that we accept that the better off it is. We just have too many people in this world, especially on Capitol Hill as well that want to give this impression or want to literally go about the business of changing that and making things equal. The only thing that should be equal is opportunities. But what you receive from your level of production is on you.”


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