Stewart to Robert Menendez: ‘Legal Corruption in the Senate Is So F[bleep] Lucrative’ ... ‘How Dumb Is You?’

‘It’s like a license to print money!’


STEWART: “But perhaps, the dumbest thing about this entire, not-quite-believable, 'Real Housewives' episode, is how unnecessary it all is. You, sir, are an elected official in America’s most respected legislative body. It’s like a license to print money! You don’t need to break the law so cartoonishly when the legal corruption in the Senate is so [bleep] lucrative! Which brings us to our new segment: Senator Robert Menendez, 'How dumb is you?'

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(Cheering and Applause)

As a New Jersey resident, as a constituent of yours, Senator Menendez, I have to ask, with all due respect, how [bleep] dumb is you? Promising favors to foreign entities for a little chump change on the side, it’s bush-league when, as a U.S. senator, you can enrich yourself in so many different, let’s call them legal ways? For instance, the stock market!"

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