Sunny Hostin: President Biden ‘Has Really Returned the Soul’ to This Country

‘He has a record that he can stand on and be proud’
By Grabien Staff


HOSTIN: "He is the incumbent. And I think he has a record that he can stand on and be proud of, President Biden. He has really returned the soul in many respects to this country, which was his promise, so I believe he kept that promise. One thing that I am slightly concerned about is we know that no nominee, Democratic nominee can win without the black vote. That's -- that's a stat and that's been for decades. And I do wonder, because voting rights are still under attack, because of student loan debt, because of the HBCU gap in tuition, the lack of funding, because of no police reform, or real police reform, whether or not black voters are going to support this president. I hope they will.”


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