Supercut: Biden Forgets Candidate’s Name, Develops Odd Verbal Tic

The former veep forgot the name of the candidate he’s campaigning for ... and couldn’t stop repeating himself


Former Vice President Joe Biden, 75, is hitting the campaign trail in a bid to help Democrats win back control of Congress, and perhaps lay a foundation for his own 2020 presidential campaign.

One issue is that his advanced age is starting to show.

During a speech for Abby Finkenauer, Biden referred to the congressional candidate as “Amy.” Last week, Biden was speaking in Tampa but thought he was in Miami.

During his rally for Finkenauer, an odd verbal tic emerged; the longtime politician used the word “folks” with a Tourette’s-like ferocity. 

“Folks, my name is Joe Biden and I am here because my friend Abby Finkenauer asked me to be here,” Biden began, the first of many uses of what would become an omnipresent filler word.

“Folks … folks” Biden often said as he transitioned from one train of thought to the next. 

Overall, Biden used the word “folks” at least 25 times in his short speech. 

Biden also punctuated his address with random shouts of profanity. At one point he attacked Democrats whom he said walk around

with their heads down saying “Woe is me, what are we going to do?” and then shouted “DAMMIT!”

“What the hell is happening to us?” he asked. “Remember who the hell we are!” 

In another jarring episode, Biden was speaking in an upbeat fashion when he suddenly made an awkward pivot to his deceased son; his tone changed quickly, and … it just needs to be seen to understand how weird it was:


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