Supercut: Craziest Media Commentary During Delivery of Articles of Impeachment

‘It’s beyond formality; there is something almost religious to it’

Today, a month after they were passed out of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) signed articles of impeachment against President Trump. 

The articles aren't being officially received by the Senate until tomorrow, but that didn't stop House Democrats from squeezing as many photo ops out of the occasion as possible.

Many in the media could hardly contain their good fortune to have a "front-row seat to history," as CNN's Wolf Blitzer put it. 

As Pelosi signed the articles — using a series of pens, so she could distribute them as keepsakes — MSNBC's Chris Matthews commented on her saying Trump is now "impeached forever." 

"There’s a sacramental statement for life," Matthews offered. "Like a priest for life. It’s a perfect statement of what she is. I think she is very reverential."

His colleague, Garrett Haake, said he felt this was almost a religious moment: "I’m so glad Chris [Matthews] used the word 'ritual' because that’s the word that has been stuck in my head about this all day today. It's beyond formality. There is something almost religious to it and I do think that’s going to stick in the heads of these senators who have been watching it on TV up until this point. I cannot emphasize that enough."

Over on CNN, the hosts were regularly reminding viewers they were watching "history unfold."

"This is history," Wolf Blitzer said, as he so often does. "This is history unfolding here."

Hosts were so enamored with the moment, Chuck Todd even imagined the day statues would be erected for the politicians currently orchestrating the PR parade. 

For more, check out the montage above. 

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