Supercut: Democrats Demand AG Barr Testify, But Not Actually Talk

‘Reclaiming my time!’

After spending weeks demanding Attorney General Barr testify about the federal response to recent protests across America, House Democrats today made clear what they actually wanted was to testify themselves -- and simply let AG Barr watch and listen.

Time and again over the day-long hearing, Democrats phrased their comments ostensibly as questions, but then objected when Barr attempted answering.

"Reclaiming my time" became a theme early into the contentious proceedings. 

When Barr began balking at being barred from speaking, Rep. Greg Stanton reassured the attorney general that "'You'll have a chance to comment after your testimony is over today."

Barr eventually became so frustrated at being blocked from testifying, he wryly observed: "This is a hearing. I thought I was supposed to be heard."

To get a taste of how the hearing went down, check out the supercut above. 

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