Mainstream Media Think 1/6 Hearings Are a TV Series & Can’t Wait for Season 2 [Supercut]

‘We thought this was the season finale; everybody’s like come back for more’


MADDOW: "What we are expecting tonight from the January 6 investigation is something that’s been described as a season finale, not a show finale, but a season finale. There may be more seasons. There may be bonus episodes."
VITALI: "The way that I’ve been talking about this hearing is that it’s more the season finale than the series finale for the committee."
REID: "The season finale, as it were, of their blockbuster hearings."
VOSSOUGHIAN: "In primetime a season finale of sort --"
STELTER: "Thursday's primetime finale so to speak."
BOLDUAN: "Does this feel to you like the series finale or the season finale for the January 6 committee?"
BASH: "That’s such a good way to put it."

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