Supercut: Media Falsely Report ‘OK’ Sign at Army-Navy Game a White Power Symbol

Well this was obvious to anyone who's been paying attention. 

Today West Point announced it's concluded an investigation into cadets who were seen flashing "OK" symbols during last Saturday's Army-Navy game.

Why was there even an investigation into such a mundane matter?

Because activists on Twitter began claiming the Cadets, in making the gesture, were actually expressing white nationalist sympathies. 

But as many West Point graduates were quick to point out, there's a popular game among cadets called "the circle game," where someone flashes an "OK" sign, and then when someone sees that symbol, another is free to punch him/her in the arm. 

The media, however, was only too happy to embrace the theory being pushed online — that these cadets were actually expressing white power sympathies. 

To see how the story was being falsely reported, check out the montage above.

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