Supercut: Media Smear Justice Gorsuch Using NPR’s Fake News

‘What a mean-spirited almost ghoulish person Neil Gorsuch is’

‘Fake News’ can spread like wildfire. This is especially true when the fake news story at hand resonates with the preconceived biases of individuals at a place like MSNBC. When NPR “reported” that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch had refused to wear a mask during court proceedings despite his colleague Sonia Sotomayor requesting he do so, it was instantly a story too juicy for the media frauds to pass up. Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be false and was refuted the next day by Gorsuch and Sotomayor in a joint statement. However by this point, the false report had already been promoted and “analyzed” in detail by the media dolts.

To no one’s surprise, MSNBC’s Joy Reid was all over this fake news fable. On her show, Reid attacked Gorsuch’s character in her typical unhinged manner ranting, “You, Neil Gorsuch are both a rotten coworker, dangerous to be near in a pandemic and tonight’s absolute worst.” Earlier in the program, Reid managed to use this false story to attack both Gorsuch and his fellow Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. “Every other Justice is masking up, even Clarence Thomas, who doesn’t seem to care about anybody. But nope, not Gorsuch, he could not be bothered to extend a life saving courtesy to his coworker.”

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan took similar aim at Gorsuch asserting, “Neil Gorsuch is prioritizing his right to be a tool over protecting Sonia Sotomayor’s life.” Hasan then took a shot at both conservatives and Christianity asking, “Why is it that so many conservatives in public life who claim to be such pious Christians and obsess over morals and decency are actually awful, awful people?”

Of course MSNBC was not alone frothing at the mouth over this phony report as CNN and TYT both also jumped at the opportunity to join this fake news frenzy. CNN interviewed NPR’s Nina Totenbereg, the original superspreader of this false narrative, and CNN anchor Kasie Hunt voiced her shock over Justice Gorsuch’s behavior at the end of the segment. “What’s up with Justice Gorsuch, if all of the other, including all of the other conservative members of the court are willing to go along with this, why not him?”

TYT host Adrienne Lawrence made sure that her network further damaged its credibility in this embarrassment as she took her shots at Justice Gorsuch. “Gorsuch has the nerve to refuse to wear a mask indoors while seated next to his colleague who is vulnerable to possible death from a highly communicable disease. Where is the collegiality? Where is the common sense?” Lawrence continued her attack, “It not only displays a lack of basic civility as a coworker but also a lack of humanity.”

Will there be corrections and retractions inbound from these fake news talking heads? We all know the answer is absolutely not. Instead, these smears based on a made up story will be swept under the rug just like those lies spread prior to them. Justice Gorsuch’s character was tarred over a falsehood, and there will be no accountability or shame felt by these media ghouls which is par for the course for individuals of their character, or lack thereof. They are too busy searching for the next innocent soul to drag through the mud, truth be damned.

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