Supercut: Today on ‘Reliable Sources’ ...

‘Brand new polling from Fox News!’

If you don’t happen to watch Fox News, you can always watch CNN’s Reliable Sources,” which has quickly become the most reliable source for all news Fox-related. 

Today the Fox News channel was somehow referenced 27 separate times during the hour-long program. 

This, it would appear, is a growing trend. 

In 2018, by comparison, “Fox” came up just 488 times, or 9.57 times per program. 

Over the course of 2019, “Fox” was mentioned on Reliable Sources 624 times, averaging 13.1 mentions per show. The record was 54 mentions in a single program. 

So far in 2020, “Fox” has been mentioned 60 times, for an average of 15 times per program.

In any case, if you missed today’s program, we’ve consolidated that main parts into less than 40 seconds. Enjoy! 

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