Tara Setmayer: ‘This Is Not the United States of Trumpistan ... We Have a Constitution That We Are Supposed to Uphold’

‘It is still the United States of America’
By Grabien Staff


SETMAYER: “While the sad thing is that it may boost him for the primary, four Republican bas voters, not in a general election obviously because we’ve already seen that th American people rejected him I the last election, but the sad part of it is that marjori Taylor greene is who is runnin the show here. She put that tweet out in th morning, and it was only a few hours later that Kevin mccarth put out a similar tweet, dropping to his knees in subservience to Trump and MAGA and doing the bidding of donal Trump and Marjorie taylo greene, and what they want this is unbecoming of th speaker of the House his role is to uphold th constitution, not to politically five late MAGA and Donald Trump and marjori Taylor greene, and what they want it makes them even more unfi but it shows you that the poin that we are at here as a country, and where the political, the Republican part as a political organization, where they are staking their claim.”

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