Ted Lieu: Trump Firing Mueller Is an ‘Impeachable Offense,’ ‘People Would Take to the Streets’

‘Senator Jeff Flake has already said it would be impeachable offense’
By Grabien Staff


BURNETT: "Is he right? He was talking to pluler specifically? Do you think the president is going to war with Mueller?"
LIEU: "Absolutely in terms of tweets and public statements. We held a press conference this week showing that is a red line. If Donald Trump fires Mueller or fires Rosenstein to meddle with Mueller, those are impeachable offenses and I believe people would stake to the streets and massive obstruction of justice."
BURNETT: "Your colleagues, when you’ve had discussions with them, do they agree with you, it’s impeachable?"
LIEU: "You know, it turns out when Republican members retire, they tend to show morp courage. So we have seen some courage coming out from retiring Republicans. Senator Jeff flake has already said it would be impeachable offense if Mueller got fired by trumtd. And also Trey Gowdy saying he needs to finish doing his job."

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