Tom Homan: Martha Raddatz Is Dumber than a Box of Rocks

‘Don’t equate me to being in bed with the smugglers’
By Grabien Staff


HOMAN: “Look, I get angry. I spent my career putting smugglers in prison, hundreds of them. Don’t equate me to being in bed with the smugglers. That report was dumber than a box of rocks. I want to touch on what Ron Johnson said. This takes me — this irritates me. They say President Biden’s policies are humane? A record number of migrants have died coming across the border. A record number of Americans have died from fentanyl. People released to so-called sponsors. According to my sources they can’t find 40% of them. 4 out of 10, they can’t find them. Under President Trump, we vetted the sponsor and everybody in the household. Now they are not even vetting the sponsor.”

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