Tom Nichols Admits on National TV Preferring ‘Boston’ over Led Zeppelin

‘I guess it’s over’

SCARBOROUGH: “Jay Caruso sent me a message and said that you hate Led Zeppelin. We just want to mark that down as a lie here and give you a chance to defend yourself.”
NICHOLS: “I’ve been outed on national television about Led Zeppelin. I have to admit it, I’ve never been a Led Zeppelin fan.”
HEILEMANN: “Oh, gosh."
NICHOLS: “I know. It was nice being with you."
HEILEMANN: “Tom, I was willing to —"
NICHOLS: “I guess it’s over."
HEILEMANN: “I was willing to stand up for you on the Boston debut, but you’re telling me that you think that Boston is a better band than Led Zeppelin?”
NICHOLS: “I’m telling you that I would rather listen to side one of Boston —"
HAASS: “Tom ,cut your losses."
HEILEMANN: “Tom, it’s time to hang it up, bud. Time to hang it up."
NICHOLS: “I think my car is outside."
SCARBOROUGH: “You better get in and fast. Thank you so much, Tom, I guess. Holy cow."

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