Trump: ‘The Democratic Agenda Is Anti-Worker, Anti-Job, Anti-Citizen, Anti-Family, Anti-Common Sense’

‘They don’t love our country’


TRUMP: "I don’t know. And now watch, I will go back tonight, oh, sir, that was so controversial, sir — no, I’m just saying it's their choice. They can come back when they want. But you know, they don’t love our country. I think in some cases they hate our country. And they're so angry. Even yesterday they went on the stage. I said let me watch this. And the anger, they were trying to be nice, but it’s hard. It’s hard for them to do that. The choice for every American has never been more clear. That’s true. The Democrat agenda is anti-worker, anti-jobs, anti-citizen, anti-family and anti-common sense. With the exception of all of those Democrats that voted for us today. We’ll give them — they’re fine."

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