Trump Goes into Act on What Joe Biden Would Do if His Teleprompter Broke: ‘Uuhhh... Uuhhh...’

‘He wouldn’t even say anything’
By Grabien Staff


TRUMP: "Could you imagine if Biden was up? He no good with a teleprompter, he is the worst I’ve seen, but could you imagine if the teleprompters went off? Here's Biden. He's going, 'Uuuhh, uuhhhh...' He wouldn’t even say anything because he’s incapable. He'd probably go, 'Pause, pause.' How about when he is reading the teleprompter and then they say, 'Pause,' meaning maybe you’ll get about three people clapping, and he goes, 'Pause.' No, he'd just walk off the stage like this. 'Oh, teleprompt — oh...'

(Laughter and Applause)

This guy is the worst."

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