Trump: ‘I Have a Lot of Respect’ for John Roberts, ‘But I Think We Have to Use Some Common Sense’

‘The judges have to get together or Congress has to get together and stop it’


REPORTER: "What about the border, Mr. President?" [crosstalk]
TRUMP: “The border is coming along very well. It’s become very strong. We’re getting some terrible decisions from the 9th circuit, as usual. I don’t know if we have ever had a victory in the 9th circuit. We have to appeal it, appeal it. I guess a vast number of their decisions get overturned, generally speaking. And it’s a shame. It’s a shame. It’s a disgrace, frankly. And essentially, they’re legislating. They’re saying what to do. Some judge sitting in some location very far away is telling our incredible military and law enforcement what to do. And it’s not right. And it’s been going on like that for a long time. And we are doing really well considering the laws are a disaster. And if we had the right laws, it would be a lot less expensive and we would do it a lot easier, but we don’t have the right laws and we have people interpreting the laws and they always give us a bad interpretation. So, hopefully we've shown some light on the 9th circuit. I know that Chief Justice Roberts, John Roberts, has been speaking a little bit about it. And I think we've — and I have a lot of respect for him. I like him and I respect him, but I think we have to use some common sense. It’s 9th circuit, everybody knows it, it’s totally out of control. And what they’re doing, what they’re saying, the opinions are very unfair to law enforcement. They’re very unfair to our military. And they’re very unfair, most importantly, to the people of our country. Because I’m keeping them safe.” 

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