Trump: In Many Ways Biden’s Worse than Bernie; He Put Beto in Charge of Guns

‘He will raise taxes more than Bernie’
By Grabien Staff


TRUMP:" Well, he is left wing. He has all people that are left wing. In many ways he is worse than Bernie. Look what he did with guns. He put Beto in charge of guns. Beto wants to get rid of guns, right? That’s a bad stance. He has a lot of people that are left-wing and they will be running the government. He's not going to be running anything. If he ever got in, they will be running the government. They have people further left-wing than what Bernie has. It wouldn’t be good for Wall Street, I can tell you that. Plus, if you look at his taxes, he will raise taxes incredibly. He will raise taxes more than Bernie. I looked — and he is open about it. Bernie just likes to talk about it. Joe Biden, his tax increases are just staggering. It is ridiculous. It’ll destroy everything that has been built."

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