Tucker: Left Using Coronavirus to Release Diabetic Sex Offenders from Prison

‘That’s the progressive paradise’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: “ Meanwhile, people are being threatened with jail for going outside with out permission. Use authorities in Florida are rest minister having a church service. They put the Christians in prison, they let the child molesters out. Oh, in Virginia you saw a shopkeeper in prison. He’s there without bail for the crime of defending himself against burglars. By the way, he has diabetes too. He just collapsed from it. That's the progressive paradise. They shouldn want a cure for coronavirus production say that, everyone wants a cure. But they shouldn’t be using this moment to leverage political. It’s wrong. Now they’re rolling out the production of hand sanitizer and possibly other important products. We will tell you why and how after the break. Plus, the very latest footage out of a weirdly quiet Los Angeles.”

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