Tucker to Politico ‘Taking Money’ From Wind Farms: Why Didn’t You Disclose in Your Article that You’re a ‘Hooker?’

‘They’re not the only ones that do it’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: “Politico is taking a lot of money from corporations who manufacture and profit from commercial wind turbines. Politico has been running this ad on behalf of the Danish wind power company Ørsted, it appears on Politico's website. It looks like a news article, but it’s not, it’s an ad. You wouldn’t know, you're not supposed to know. It’s supposed to fool you. Here is the headline: 'Offshore wind, the green energy panacea with some hurdles.' Oh, just a few, like killing whales. No problem, it's a little hurdle. That’s how the fake article begins. Quote, 'The EU will have to dramatically boost its production of renewable energy to meet its Green Deal targets - enter offshore wind.' (Laughs) That’s the news story on Politico. They’re prostitutes and they're not even ashamed. So we reached out to them today and asked them, 'Why didn’t you disclose the fact that you’re a hooker? Sorry, that you’re take taking money from offshore wind turbine manufactures in your article about offshore wind turbines?' They didn’t want to answer that question. 'Oh, shut up!'"

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