Two-Time Olympian Fumes as Trans Marathon Runner Beats 14,000 Women

‘It’s absolutely unfair’
By Grabien Staff


YAMAUCHI: “To give you an example, in 2009, when I was still competing in the marathon at elite level, I was ranked second in the world in women's road running, but in that year alone, more than 1,000 -- or at least 1,300, men ran faster than me. So if we didn't have the female category on it, you know, for females only, I would be a complete nobody. Every female would be a complete nobody. We wouldn't have females in sport. That's why the male and female categories exist. And yes, we have to be inclusive, but categories exist for a reason, which is so that females, children, masters athletes, people with disabilities, and lighter males in some sports can compete fairly and take part fully in -- in sport.”

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