Van Jones Calls Biden’s NY Fundraiser ‘The Super Bowl of Fundraisers’

‘To have $25 million raised’
By Grabien Staff


JONES: "First of all, it‘s like the Super Bowl of fundraisers, I mean, to have $25 million raised. And don‘t forget, President Obama during his midterm, he was battling in the polls, he was weak, he was wobbling, and then Bill Clinton came out at our convention and gave an incredible speech and helped to turn the tide for Obama. So there is this tradition of the last Democratic president taking the stage, helping the existing Democratic president do well. And so now you‘ve got two, you‘ve got — you‘ve got Bill Clinton, who is a rock star for a certain part of the party, Bill Clinton's a rock star, Obama‘s a rock star, getting behind Biden. And it‘s not just about the money, it‘s about re-energizing this party, bringing people together. It‘s a big deal tonight."

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