Van Jones: Young People Are Upset with Biden and ‘It’s Not Just the Situation in Gaza,’ the Economic Prospects ‘Are Miserable’

‘There‘s a symbolic piece around student loans, that‘s not gonna be enough for Joe Biden’
By Grabien Staff


JONES: “It should be a wake up call. Young people are upset. And it's not just the situation in Gaza. The economic prospects for young people are miserable. It's not -- and that's been building under Obama, it's been building under Trump, it's building under Biden, we just do not have a pathway for young people to be able to pay off their student debt, get a house. People are looking at this AI wave and are worried about what job, what career path. And so that pain has to be spoken to directly and specifically, and I think that we're not -- we're not yet feeling -- hearing a full throated approach to the young people. There's a symbolic piece around student loans, that's not going to be enough for Joe Biden.”


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