Watters: We’ve Discovered ‘Trans-Days Take up Half the Year’

‘They dominate the calendar’
By Grabien Staff


WATTERS: “Anyone can create their own day. Tomorrow is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Day. We’re serious. It’s also a National Ferret Day. It’s also national Do-It-Yourself Day, which Gutfeld celebrates far too often. Barack Obama was president for the first eight Transgender Days of Visibility. One of those days was Easter Sunday and Obama didn’t put out any proclamations about it. Those only started under Biden. And the geniuses at the Biden White House are either too stupid to realize what they’re doing or they’re doing it on purpose. Biden was asked about, why did you do it, and he said ‘I didn’t do it.’ So he’s either a puppet or he’s lying. Primetime doesn’t care if trans Americans want to have a day to themselves, have a day, have a month. That’s what Pride Month is for, right? June? But we discovered trans days take up half the year.” 

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