Whistleblower Says the FBI Inflated the Jan. 6 Investigations, Did the Opposite with BLM/Antifa Riots

‘They were blatantly targeting what I could call First Amendment protected rights’
By Grabien Staff


SERAPHIN: “FBI responded by pulling in all units and bring them into the field office. I was in Washington field office at the time we had all of our surveillance issues canceled, is on a team that did that and people and other operational groups whether white-collar or child pornography, everybody was pulled in and tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of what they call leads through West Virginia, which is the 800 tip line and some came on the internet as well. They were so egregious, I probably got rid of a couple hundred on my own help, I hope. But a lot of people just pencil with it, people trying to look the other way. They were blatantly targeting what I would call first amendment protective rights, it’s like somebody attended a rally at the sitting U.S. president was speaking at. It is not our purview, if there’s not further allegation of a criminal act and there wasn’t, for most of these things and there’s no reason for agent to knock on your door for so many tried to go along to get along and keep the paycheck and work toward pension eventually a lot of people went out and knocked on doors and a lot of people self-incriminated and ended up in very bad situations.“

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